Introduction of MSC/JMA and MTSAT-2 present status

Akira Sobajima
JMA-Meteorological Satellite Center


This report will be composed of three elements, the introduction of Meteorological Satellite Center / Japan Meteorological Agency (MSC/JMA), a report regarding present status of MTSAT-2, and a brief summary of JMA next generation satellite. Especially, items for MTSAT-2 will be emphasized. MTSAT-2 is under standby operation in orbit from September 2006, and will be the operational satellite in July 2010. In the standby period, MTSAT-2 provided rapid scan service for T-PARC 2008 and data for developing satellite products at JMA, except for MTSAT-1R backup operation. As the operational satellite, the present MTSAT-2 image quality and its issues will be introduced, and investigation and new algorithm developing in JMA for them will be also treated in this seminar.